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Welcome to the Pin Point Tools forum

As for every community, some rules apply to the use of this forum.

1. Before posting in the forum, always read the FAQ(s) and make sure your post is on topic or we will have to manually delete them, time we could have better spent.

2. Before posting a question, always do a Search of the forum.

3. When creating a new topic, name it properly and stay on topic. Remember the forum is an archive for others with similar questions. We want to make it as easy for them as possible to find their answer. That means proper topic subjects, and relevant posts. Don't "bump up" your posting by adding useless posts.

4. Keep your messages readable, be clear, use capitals and punctuation. Use English, as it is the most common language of this forum's international community.

5. Feel free to mention and discuss other machinist tools and products, but don't spam.

6. And lastly, be professional. We are here to help you, not to be personally grieved, attacked or insulted (either on the forum or via email).

Thanks for making this a great forum and a valuable archive!


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